Archeologists Unearth Sudanese Ancient Script

December 17, 2008 (NSV) - In one of rare discoveries showing a written African language, French archeologists have unearthed three ram statues in Sudan engraved with an ancient Sudanese language,according to a news report by the BBC.

"It's an important discovery ... quite an achievement," said Vincent Rondot, head of the French Section of the Directorate on Antiquities of Sudan, who excavated the statues.

The statues were discovered three weeks ago closer to an archeological site, which is home to some of the numerous Sudan's ancient pyramids. Dating back to the Sudanese Meroitic period from 300BC to AD450, the inscriptions on the ram statues describe the oldest written sub-Saharan African language.

"Meroitic language is one of the last antique writings that still waits for its understanding... and it is the most ancient (sub-Saharan)African language written in script," said Vincent Rondot.

The inscriptions on the ram statues are expected to shed more light on King Amanakhareqerem, which has been the subject of archeological studies in the area. The statues were excavated in front of an ancient temple. The ram statues symbolize ancient Sudanese god called Amun.

The discovery of the script prove that the sub- saharan africans did actually have a written language.